Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Podcast: Musings Under the Sun 003 | Providence, Part 1: Introduction

Today on Musings Under the Sun, I begin a series of thoughts and reflections on John Piper’s new book Providence.


John Piper, Providence (free PDF of the book) - https://bit.ly/3sgZIH0

John Piper, “Boasting Only in the Cross” (sermon from Passion 2000) - https://youtu.be/XajXpH908Yg

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

"The Bible Recap" Podcast Links | The Gospel of John

March 14th, John 1

March 15th-17th, John 2-4

March 18th, John 5

March 19th, John 6

March 20th-21st, John 7-8

March 22nd-23rd, John 9-10

March 24th, John 11

March 25th, John 12

March 26th, John 13

March 27th-30th, John 14-17

March 31st-April 1st, John 18-19

April 2nd-3rd, John 20-21

April 4th, Resurrection Day