Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ginsberg, Beatniks, and Romans 1

Q: Allen Ginsberg was the most famous figure of the “Beat” movement and an outspoken proponent of its philosophy. What perception of the “Beat” movement and the “hipsters” that populated it do you get from “Howl”?

A: I get the impression that the Beat Movement was comprised of those who were in truth the products of prolonged adolescence,

who refused to grow up, having been proverbially sacrificed to Molech by their own parents,

who sought to be free from any authority whose name was not “me,”

who had no objective sense of right and wrong, and no interest in pesky moral standards,

who skillfully strung together long lines of random, discombobulated nonsense and were able to pass it off as poetry,

who were the espousers of a godless worldview, and spent large amounts of energy suppressing the truth in unrighteousness,

who enjoyed a heyday that has come and gone, were an unfortunate blot on American society, and will hopefully be remembered historically as a prime example of what not to emulate.

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