Saturday, March 9, 2013

Briefs. 03.09.13

Is Civil Marriage for Gay Couples Good for Society? - A debate between Doug Wilson and Andrew Sullivan. It might have gone better in some ways, but this is a good exchange overall. Wilson doesn't disappoint. The Q&A portion is always entertaining, especially when the questions are for Wilson. After viewing the debate, one thing I'm contemplating is the question of how overtly our presuppositional apologetic should be expressed. As perfectly legitimate (and necessary) as the ultimate authority card is, does it sometimes get thrown too quickly?

And if you're one of those who are quick to call a foul on Wilson's "slippery slope" argument...

Yale Hosts Workshop Teaching Sensitivity to Bestiality - The sexual revolution moves forward. Notice that much of the language and argumentation used here to defend bestiality is very familiar. We're told that we need to be "sensitive" and avoid judging other people for what we personally consider immoral.

One Family Under God - Good thoughts from Tom Ascol on children's church. I think he re-frames the discussion in an important way. Family-integrated churches aren't the ones excluding children.

Loritts and Wilson - Bryan Loritts speaks out about what he sees as Doug Wilson's racial insensitivity. Wilson responds here and offers to fly Loritts (along with Thabiti Anyabwile and Eric Mason) out to Moscow to talk through the issues. We'll see if it happens.

Made Alive - A new song from a Mars Hill band called Citizens. Cool little tune.

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