Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nature, Being, and Essence

The doctrine of the Trinity says that God is one being who exists in three persons. In God’s essence, he is one. In God’s personhood, he is three.

Does the hypostatic union flip these categories around in a sense? The hypostatic union says that Jesus is one person with two natures. So in the Trinity, there is a singularity of essence, but a multiplicity of person. But in the hypostatic union, there is a singularity of person, but a multiplicity of essence.

Now I understand that the word nature is traditionally used in the context of Christology. Jesus is one person who has two natures. That’s the traditional language. But I’ve also heard it said that the word nature is basically equivalent to the words being or essence. So could we say that Jesus has two essences? Is Jesus two beings?

Perhaps that would cause confusion, but if nature is basically equivalent to being or essence, then would it be accurate?

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